First I’d like to welcome you to my online wedding wonderland!

My name is Joanne Wyatt, the proud founder/author of the PocketWeddingGuide, an interactive guide to all your nuptial needs. I am an avid blogger and hard slogger who is passionate about helping people bring their dreams to life on the most monumental day of their existence.

My journey began 2 years ago when I started to plan my own big day. Determined to make my wedding the most enjoyable and magical event of my life, I made numerous appointments and approached several local wedding services in the hope that they could create the fairytale I had dreamed of since I was a little girl.

Unfortunately, none of the companies that I dealt with seemed to understand exactly what I was looking for. I wanted the day to be a reflection of my relationship with Chris, a reminder of the memories we had shared so far and a tribute to the friends and family who had supported us along the way. After multiple meetings and repeated disappointments, it occurred to me that the most appropriate person to plan my wedding was me. I’m not sure why I hadn’t considered this sooner.

My weddingI had always had a creative flair when it came to organising and coordinating events. Whenever I doubt my ability or I feel myself becoming complacent, I reflect on that day. After all my hard work and determination, seeing my vision realised in what was inarguably the most beautiful day of my life, inspired me to use my newly acquired skills and knowledge to help others to make their dreams reality.

Luckily one of my wedding guests was as moved by our wedding as I was and wanted her day to be just as original and personal as ours was. I was tasked with organising the biggest day of my friends life which was a responsibility I didn’t take lightly. Once again, I was thrilled with the results of the heartfelt effort I applied to creating her dream day. At this point I knew that this was my calling.

After planning two successful fairytale days, I made it my mission to learn everything there was to know about planning your own wedding. I was determined to come up with ideas and services for any need, whim, hobby or theme. I researched, networked and compiled all things wedding related until I could ‘write the book on it’ and that is quite literally what I did. Writing a book was hugely rewarding and I felt like the tips I’d picked up on my own journey would save others a lot of time when it came to planning their event.

Our weddingHelping others to experience the joy and immense feeling of achievement that I felt when I organised my wedding has become my purpose. Making the decision to spread the happiness is what inspired my blog. I was keen to encourage more people to put their own personality and unique spin on their big day.

My husband and I reside in Dover but I love writing the blog because I can share my ideas, contacts and services with the whole world. I started this journey because I wanted as many people to benefit from what I have learned as I had. Not only am I now able to share my own hints and tips but I have created a forum for other professionals to showcase their creativity and unique services. I want to give people like myself the opportunity to support couples on their own magical journey up the aisle.

My blog is the ideal place for wedding service providers to reach out to clients who are looking to make the occasion unique and memorable. It is my hope that this blog will offer readers a comprehensive guide to planning their own wedding and give them access to information, advice and services at the click of a button.

I also want to give a voice to other bloggers with experience in this area so that they can share their knowledge and advice to prospective couples. I hope you thoroughly enjoy reading the blog and making that special day as unique, memorable and personal as you deserve it to be!