Wedding Details: The Sooner You Work Them Out, the Better

  • January 9, 2018

Weddings can be an experience of great joy. But they also can be an experience of great stress, depending on where you fit into the equation. As a general rule, if you figure out what all of the details are, and you work them out as soon as possible, the whole process will be much smoother, and your overall experience will be much more enjoyable.

Details include working out the logistics of destinations, the acceptance of gifts, and information concerning the ceremony and reception. The one thing to keep in mind as you’re working your way through all of the details in these broad categories is that you don’t want to lose the forest for the trees. In other words, all of the features combine into the greater concept of the wedding, rather than being separate entities in themselves.

Destination Details

If you’re creating a destination wedding, details are going to be significantly different than if you were having the wedding locally. Destination weddings typically will be smaller, more intimate, and involve people that you are more closely connected to. Because of this, the details are even more important. Especially regarding lodging and food, make sure you have everything taken care of ahead of time, so there are as few surprises as possible.

Accepting Gifts

For as much as a wedding is about love and future connection between people, it can be a stressful matter when you’re trying to figure out how to accept gifts. Different families have very strong traditions about what a married couple is supposed to get, how they are supposed to get it, and different ways for them to be gracious and say thank you. Make sure that for when you’re involved in gift acceptance, you know all of these details ahead of time, because cultural and generational differences when it comes to giving and getting can be a sore spot if you’re not careful.

The Ceremony and Reception

Two of the cornerstones of any wedding are the ceremony and the reception. Your best piece of advice when it comes to these two activities is that you want to leave no stone unturned. From the top to the bottom, every element of the ceremony and reception should be planned – even if you’re planning on a segment of unplanned time! Everything should be structured so that maximum efficiency and minimum confusion rules the day. And this means both for the couple getting married and all the guests at the wedding.

Losing the Forest for the Trees

For as much as you want to take care of wedding details as well as possible, it’s crucial that you don’t lose out on the magic of the wedding as a whole. Features are going to go awry. But that doesn’t mean that small failures have to hijack the event as a whole. Make sure to keep a broad attitude while focusing on little details. A balance between those two ideas will keep you safe in your efforts.