Till Death Do Us Part… and the Photos are forever! Making the Best of Your Wedding Photos

  • May 13, 2019

He popped the question, you’ve booked the hall, and your gal pals have the fabulous dresses. Now, you need a phenomenal photographer to capture every stunning moment of your perfect day. In our social media driven world, a picture tells even more than a thousand words – it transmits signals, sharing with loved ones near and far your love for the ages – so you’ve got to get it right!

When considering wedding photographers, there are many options to consider from new age, drone technology to polaroids to candid or posed shots. So, when making these decisions, it is important to use forward thinking. In twenty years, will the brilliant idea to wear moustaches and funny hats still be a “cute idea?”

Think before you snap with these five wedding photography tips to keep you sane while planning your Big Day!

Tip #1: Hire a professional

“Hey! My sister has a camera. She can do your wedding photos to save you a few quid”

It can be easy to relinquish the forever memories to a quasi-stranger with a decent camera and call it quits but budget in fewer chicken platters and saver your photos for life. Professional wedding photographer Lee Glasgow moves seamlessly through the ceremony and doesn’t disrupt the flow. They sense lighting, catch facial expressions, and intensify colour more than any friend with a camera could so don’t scrimp on the wedding pictures. They’re the lasting memory of your day – protect them with a professional!

Tip #2: Have an Idea of What You Want

Every little girl that has ever put a pillowcase on her head and pretended to be a bride has thought about her wedding pictures, and now that Pinterest has taken over the wedding spectrum, there is no denying that you’ll bring ideas to the table. So, make a list – or a Pinterest board – and bring it to your first meeting with your photographer. Your photographer will be glad to get a sense of your taste, and you’ll feel calmer knowing your brilliant idea won’t be forgotten!

Tip #3: But be Open to Ideas!

Part of having a professional photographer is having a person that knows the business. They know what works, what doesn’t work, and what could be amazing. So, if your photographer has an idea, consider trying it out! It could end up being your favourite shot of the night.

Tip #4: Be candid!

Ask your photographer to take candid shots. These, I guarantee, will become your favourites – they won’t be posed. Instead, they’ll be moments of pure love and joy.

Tip #5: Prop it Up!

Use timeless props to make your photos pop! Consider the ‘kiss through the ring’ shot or the ‘veil in front of the face’ angle. They’re beautiful and elegant, and they’ll be some of the best of the collection.
Depending on the tone of your wedding, you can spice up your props to match!

Nonetheless, wedding photos are one of the most special parts of a wedding – they live forever, an archive to you and your best friend’s love and devotion to one another. So, why not give them the attention they deserve?