The Administrative Side of Wedding Reception Venues

  • May 30, 2019

If you’ve ever had to book a reception venue as part of the organisation of a wedding, whether it’s your own one or that of someone else, your view on wedding reception venue managers may be one which is rather critical in nature. These people appear to be unnecessarily difficult to have to deal with, seemingly knowing all too well that they hold some power over what can be some desperate clients who want to rent out their venues.

However, if you were to somehow wave some futuristic X-Ray machine over the typical wedding reception venue, it would become apparent that the managers of these businesses aren’t in fact just trying to be difficult for no reason. There’s a whole lot that goes into the management of these venues, particularly with regards to the administration.

The back-to-back bookings headache

A “nice headache to have” is ironically a phrase which is stolen from sports commentary lingo, which I heard while the lads were talking about how it makes for somewhat of a mini-nightmare when the missus-to-be doesn’t take into account the date of a very important match when making plans around the wedding. While that means something different in sports (like when a coach has to make a choice between players who are all on top form, to make the team’s line-up), in the wedding venue management space a nice headache to have is that of having to deal with what can often be back-to-back venue booking requests.

On the one hand you’re happy to be having all this business, but on the other hand you need some time in between events to run some maintenance on the place and make sure it stays in top form, fit to continue hosting great wedding receptions.

This is also why venues require bookings to be made well in advance…

Turning business away

If a wedding venue owner or manager cancels your reservation, often this won’t affect them in any way, no matter how angry you get and as a result perhaps leave bad reviews all over the show. The jig continues for them, but they usually don’t cancel for no reason, often having to maintain integrity in a way that the customers can’t even begin to imagine and effectively never even know about.

A wedding venue manager will turn away the business of a wealthy couple, for example, which offers them lots more money to have them replacing the slot you might have had reserved, if they do indeed operate with integrity, of course.

Insurance and legal matters

A personal injury attorney Los Angeles clients typically consult with doesn’t always deal with ongoing personal injury claims, which brings into focus a huge money pit wedding venue managers in particular are faced with as part of the rendering of their services. The high costs you pay as a client in part go towards making sure there is some kind of injury liability insurance available for you, should something happen at the venue and you or any of your guests are injured.