Reasons for Buying Cultured Pearls for Casual Use

  • December 11, 2018

Pearls are a classic choice for jewellery. Some people prefer the use of pearls as they look stunning and they go well with all sorts of clothing. You can also use them for different occasions. You might have to spend a lot on pearls, but they are worth the price.

For pearls, you have a choice between natural pearls and cultured pearls. Between these two, cultured pearls are less expensive, but it does not mean that they are the worse choice. These reasons will make you realise that cultured pearls like the ones used in Claudia Bradby pearl bracelets are worth buying.

Same pearl quality

Cultured pearls come from oysters in a pearl farm that grow under controlled environments. Therefore, these cultured pearls look pretty much the same as naturally grown pearls. The environment where their sources grew might not be the same, but you can’t tell the genuine pearls apart. You can also expect high-quality gems from cultured pearls.

Low cost

If you worry about the price, you need cultured pearls rather than natural pearls. The difference between the prices is quite stark.  Cultured pearls are way cheaper. The reason why they have a low cost is due to the survival rates. Cultured oysters have a better chance at survival than the ones found on the bottom of the ocean. Natural pearls are also rare. Hence, each time you see a real one, you expect it to have a high price.

You show support for divers

Diving for natural pearls is quite tricky. Open waters pose grave threats to these divers. They could end up with hypothermia, decompression sickness, deep water blackout, and even drowning. Cultured pearls are grown in private places. They are easy to grow and harvest. The process is safe for both the people getting the pearls and the oysters.

You have lots of choices

It does not mean that if you choose cultured pearls, you will limit your options. There are lots of quality pearl designs available. Check out the best bracelets made from cultured pearls. They look stunning. When you wear them, you will feel the same as when you wear natural pearls. You can also match the jewellery with whatever piece of clothing you wear.

You want to buy more

When bracelets, rings and necklaces made of cultured pearls come at a low price, you don’t need to settle for only one choice. You can buy several pieces if you want. The cost of natural pearls is several times higher than that of cultured pearls. You might have a hard time buying one, let alone purchasing several pieces at once.

You don’t need to search in your local area if you wish to buy cultured pearls. You can go online as stores are offering these pearls at an affordable price. Even if you factor in the shipping cost, you will still find the jewellery affordable. Check the pictures and product descriptions before you place your order.