Planning for the Toddler Stage of Life

  • November 21, 2017

Being a planner, and a person who puts a lot of thought and research into things in general, I have been thinking about growing families lately. While we haven’t been blessed with children yet, I’m sure this joyous adventure is soon in our future. Raising kids is exactly that: an adventure and a new phase of life.

Personally, I can’t wait for the toddler years. At that point, you can really get out of the house, get on the road and experience new things. With that in mind, here are four tips I think will make traveling with toddlers a fun journey!

Short and Positive Adventures

I think this rule applies for everyone, not just toddlers! The longer the trip the more stressful it tends to be, so work on making your adventures short and rewarding for everyone. I apply the rule to shopping, but it’s equally appropriate when traveling far from home on vacation. Don’t plan too much for one day and include lots of down time. Generally, six hours of travel a day is enough!

Pack N Plays

Pack n plays, or portable play yards, are these incredible cribs, playpens, game rooms, and safe places. Kids love them for the safe, familiar surroundings they provide and parents love that they are an all-in-one solution that is easily collapsible and storable. Check out reviews for the best pack n play.

Take Along Fun, Location Specific Activities

Since we’re talking about getting out of our regular routines and visiting new places, it seems only fitting to do the same for baby! Pack as many games and activities that are related to your destination and the sights and sounds of your new place as you can find. Try some new foods too. You might just discover some new favorites!

Do Your Homework

Traveling by airline with kids isn’t easy. There’s a lot of websites, written by experienced parents, that dive into the ins and outs of airline travel with little ones. There are all sorts of tips and tricks to get your through even the most stressful parts, like security and long layovers. One tip I’m especially fond of: renting homes and apartments instead of hotels. They are usually already set up with washers/dryers and sometimes even dishwashers. Having more space is never a bad thing, and remember, we’re planning lots of downtime and spending some quality time in our home away from home!