I have been on an incredible journey of discovery and personal development since planning my own wedding and building up my reputation in the field. It wasn’t all smooth sailing and I had to work extremely hard and stay focused in order to get to where I am today.

My weddingI have reached countless personal milestones on my path and I take an immense amount of pride in every single success that I have celebrated to date. I think that those little celebrations make all of the persistence, dedication and sleepless nights worthwhile.

If I were asked which achievement I feel most proud of, I would have to say my ebook, ‘My Pocket Wedding Guide’ has been my greatest accomplishment. It is the physical manifestation of all of my research, experience and steadfast commitment to my readers.

‘My Pocket Wedding Guide’ is a directory of everything there is to know in terms of planning your big day, In fact, I would suggest that it will be an invaluable companion to anyone planning a big event.

Every element of ‘My Pocket Wedding Guide’ is the result of real, firsthand experience. The foolproof strategies you need to plan your party have been tried and tested before being published in this helpful manual.

Once I decided to compile everything that I had learned from my experience in an ebook, I was determined to share absolutely every detail that I had learned. I worked tirelessly, taking care to include everything you could possibly need to know about planning the big event.

It took a staggering amount of time and concentration to ensure that everything was perfect before the book was published. In hindsight, I’m glad that I was so meticulous when it came to producing ‘My Pocket Wedding Guide’ because it is something that I can now take great pride in and I feel confident that it will be of great assistance to the people who use it.

My wedding Independently planning an event can be the most joyous, fulfilling and rewarding thing you will ever do. It takes hard work and attention to detail but like everything, you get out of it what you put in. Before embarking on your event planning journey, I highly recommend you purchase my ebook, ‘My Pocket Wedding Guide’

‘My Pocket Wedding Guide’ is a crucial companion to any wedding or event planning enthusiast. By purchasing this ebook, you will avoid hours of scrolling through search engines, countless sleepless night and bundles of stress.

‘My Pocket Wedding Guide’ will walk you through each stage of planning step by step so you get to enjoy the whole process without becoming exhausted or overwhelmed. I’ve done most of the boring work for you!

Whether your goal is to plan a wedding on a budget or you suspect you might have a natural flair for throwing a party, I genuinely recommend that you purchase ‘My Pocket Wedding Guide’.You will be elated with the results and hopefully feel the same sense of pride that I feel when I look back on my hard work.

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