How to Effectively Organize Your Wedding For A Seamless Day

  • January 27, 2021

Now that you have become engaged and gotten over the emotions of joy and excitement, it is now time to get down to the business of planning for the great occasion. It might seem overwhelming to think about planning all the minute or major details of a wedding, but there is no need to worry, if you are working with a large budget.

While not everyone knows exactly how to start planning a wedding, you can be the exception. In your plans, don’t go for the norm, but do things differently so you can create some really great memories. We wouldn’t exactly recommend inviting the hottest escorts in Birmingham into your honeymoon suite, however, there are unique and fun ways to make sure you get to end your wedding night on your terms.

The Occasion

For the actual extensive planning, you can employ the services of a wedding planner so you can have a seamless affair. Of course, you are going to feel the nerves of wondering what you should do next if you plan this event on your own. At that time, it can become overwhelming, especially, if you are not an organized person.

This occasion is something you may have dreamed of for most of your life and so, you should try to make it as special as possible, and create those memories that you can look back at for years to come. Therefore, there is some significance to allotting yourself enough time to make the plans. For some engaged couples, they take about a year to do their planning.

Don’t overdo anything and make sure that you involve your partner as much as you can. Most men will usually leave most of the brunt of work up to their prospective spouses. Go into this with confidence that your partner is entrusting most of the planning to you. Below are some steps that you should consider when planning and executing your wedding.

The Announcement

Every prospective bride is excited enough to want to announce the great news to loved ones and friends. This is understandable. The first thing to do is to make a decision on how you would want to send out the announcement about your engagement. The decision will be yours. However, it is recommended that you first announce the engagement to your closest family members; especially your parents.

If you do not live in close proximity to your family members, then you may have to give them a call; whether over the phone or video conferencing, facetime and other modes of communication. It is best to speak via video. Then, you will be able to see their reaction.

The Visual Effect

Now that it has finally sunk in, it is time to visualize the effect and then start talking about how you would like your wedding to play out. Of course, many people have already visualized how they want their wedding, even before the engagement or marriage proposal. Bask in the realization that you are going to be finally married and then start allowing ideas to flow; thinking about the theme and style of your special occasion. Discuss some of these ideas with your partner to see which of the ideas are agreeable to both of you. It is after this, you would seek further advice from close family members.

Money Talks

Of course, a wedding requires money and a budget. It is important to start saving for the wedding a year or more in advance before you set a date. Don’t be pressured into doing otherwise. Many family members will chip in and help financially. Don’t be afraid to ask, if you need financial support. Take a keen look at how your finances currently are. Assess the final budget and remain in alignment with that.

The Wedding Date

It is also important to start establishing a date range; estimating various dates that will work for not only both of you, but also family members; depending on various factors such as:

* Place of residence (some family members may live in a foreign country_

* Wedding location (some weddings are international)

* Venue availability

* Health issues

* Schedules

You don’t want to set a date where essential family members won’t be able to attend. This is a celebration where some people are too important to miss.

The Guest List

Now that you are forced to start the planning phase and finalized your budget, the first thing to do is to make a proper guest list. You have to put a cost on each guest as it relates to food, venue, bridesmaids, and various other things. Begin by writing the names of essential invitees. Decide on the maximum number of individuals that you want to make the guest list. Never go over the budget to please anyone.

Once you write down the names, you can always remove names in the interim of planning. For those who you are unable to invite, you could give them a phone call to explain and promise to share pictures of the momentous occasion or they can offer video conferencing of the wedding so they can feel like an integral part of such an exciting occasion.

The Theme and Style

Now, you have to determine the theme and the style of your wedding. This may be predicated on your background or culture. Remember the movie “The Greek Wedding?” Well, you could do something like that, depending on your culture. For example, if you are Italian, you could go to Italy to have your wedding; especially, if you have family members already living there. You would make all the trappings of the wedding symbolic of your Italian heritage. This could include Italian food, traditions, and other fanfare.

The Venue

The wedding venue is also one of the significant decisions in your planning. This is where you should probably include your partner. Conduct research and choose at least three venues that you can visit in person. Choose the venue based on your guest list, location, cost, space and other factors.


For a wedding to be a successful event, it is best to hire a coordinator or wedding planner; especially, if this is a large project. Take your time to make strategic decisions that will give you the best wedding you could ever imagine. Try not to be hasty in your decisions; no matter how small they are.