Favourite Quick-Fix Fancy Dress Party Ideas

  • January 22, 2018

If you’ve ever been invited to a fancy dress party, then the immediate thought is often “who shall I go as?” It can in fact put a little too much pressure on some people, and might indeed put them off going altogether – which of course is the last thing that you want. But it need not be like this, after all the party is meant to be fun. So here we look at some favourite quick-fix fancy dress party ideas, from funny celebrity face masks to great costume ideas. Hopefully they will provide some inspiration that will give you the chance to look forward to the party rather than dread it altogether. Read on for more.


If you truly are not able to put together a fancy dress costume from scratch, and let’s be fair that’s a good many of us, then there is a quick fix cheat. You can simply wear normal clothes and a funny celebrity mask (try and get the clothes to suit the mask of course). People will not have to have that awkward moment when they try and guess who you are, and you will feel like at the very least, you have made an effort and got into the spirit of things. It may look like a “cheat” to some, but who says fancy dress has to be fair!!

Is There A Doctor…?

If you have a white shirt (and tie for men), then an easy costume is that of a doctor. You can pick up or hire a white lab coat and stethoscope (even a toy one would do), and voila, there is a doctor in the house, and it’s you!

Flower Power

You’ll probably have jeans, so wear them. This will mean that at least you’ll be more comfortable than some. To change you into a hippy, you can obtain or hire a tasseled waistcoat and suitable shirt. A matching headband will go down a treat also. Only half of you is in fancy dress, so it’s half the effort – simple!


Many genres have their own clothing styles. For example, to get all “ska” wear a pair of jeans, a white tee shirt, but get some dark sunglasses, a fedora hat and some braces for your jeans. The additions are minimal, yet the effect is maximum and impactful.


To immediately become a hero, you can buy printed t-shirts to match with an existing pair of jeans that you own. These t-shirts can come with a cape, or you could make one. Again, minimal effort on your part, but you’ll be instantly recognisable.

The more creative amongst us can whip up a costume at a moment’s notice, with what seems like minimal effort and yet maximum effect. Sadly not all of us have these skills, and those that don’t still get invited to the parties. But from now on, you’ll no longer have to worry or create an excuse to not attend, these handy tips will enable you to be party ready in no time. You’ll enjoy it more too, and that is, after all, the essence of a great party.