Does Ethnicity Matter in Online Dating?

  • March 16, 2018

When it comes to online dating, in my opinion, I think race kind of does matter. We might go on and on about people not seeing color but we can’t run away from the fact that people do see color.

This is the reason that there exist so many free interracial dating sites where people who are open to finding interracial love can register.

The thing with dating is that people can’t run away from the fact that people have preferences. And most of these preferences start by having a physical attraction.

Now, don’t get me wrong. But if you are a white man who likes women who have darker skin, then chances are that you will set your preference as “black” or maybe Latino. Some people might call this a fetish. But that isn’t really the term.

The thing is, people can’t really dictate who they are attracted to. If you find blondes attractive, you will be attracted to white women.

This doesn’t mean that one can’t form an online relationship with any man or woman from a race they weren’t attracted to. It happens. For instance, there are those people who are just open to making a real connection with any great person despite race.

If you analyze online dating sites for instance, there are those that are meant for men and women looking to date people of a particular race. If you want to date a black person, you might want to try a site like Afroromance. If you want to meet Asians, then how about Now if you are just open to interracial dating in general, you might want to try out a great site like

So why am I insisting that race matters in online dating?

The thing with dating websites is that they always have the race questions on the profile that one is mean to fill out. First off, you will be asked to indicate your own race. Then there is the question about the preferred race of your potential mate.

Here, one can indicate more than one race if you want to. But it’s clear that most people would just choose the one they are attracted to.

If race doesn’t matter, try the more general interracial dating websites.

But like I mentioned earlier, if you don’t necessarily have a dating preference, then go register on the more general interracial dating sites. Here, singles meet up and connect in a more open kind of way. Here, you can find real love despite race. Plus, you won’t really have to worry about rejection as you can see exactly what one is looking for before you hit them up.

Another plus with such sites is their worldwide coverage. If location isn’t too much of an issue for you then here, you will increase your chances of finding real love. This is because of the large membership of interracial singles.

You can make real connections with online dating

People are making real connections online. What I usually find is not to limit yourself too much on race. You never know. The love of your life could be from any race. He or she could be from a location that isn’t near you.

The real question to ask yourself is: Would you relocate for love? If the answer is yes, then go register with an open mind. Leave the race question… or tick all I guess.

Love should be more than skin deep

We have a long way. We have made progress where interracial relationships are concerned. And this all thanks to these interracial dating websites.

And we can see the trend. Not just in dating. Even our marriage statistics can attest to this. Look at the number of mixed race people around.

The thing is: We should love someone because of their skin color. Real connections are made without putting too much focus on a person’s skin color.

So next time you are on your dating site and someone messages you, how about giving them a chance as opposed to ignoring them because they are not the preferred race of your potential mate.

Apparently, interracial couples have reported higher satisfaction and successes in their marriages, in comparison to same-race couples. So how about being open to whatever or whoever hits your inbox.

Online dating continues to make our lives more diverse. You a wider pool of potential mates to choose from. This on its own, increases your chances of meeting someone you can love. So keep up that open mind. And all the best with your dating endeavors.