7 Reasons to Consider Organic Makeup on Your Wedding Day

  • February 19, 2019

Whether you’ve committed to going green with your whole wedding, or are simply exploring your options, you’ve landed on this article for a reason. It’s your big day ahead, and we know the copious amounts of decisions you’ve had to make up until now have had your head spinning! So, in an effort to make one more decision of what makeup to use easier on you, we’ve compiled these seven reasons you should consider organic makeup on your wedding day.

Avoid countless chemicals

Let’s face it, wedding day makeup often involves layers upon layers of foundation, eye shadows, mascara, bronzers, you name it! Your face is going to have countless numbers of chemicals applied to it which have nowhere to go, but into your skin. What’s supposed to be your relaxing day after could turn into a “OMG where did this breakout come from!” disaster.

Repair while you wear

Organic makeup is jam packed not only in plant-based minerals for a gorgeous pigment, but is also brimming with active-botanical extracts that nourish your skin, while fighting signs of aging! You’ll find your skin feels more balanced and light when wearing organic makeup, since none of those damaging silicones, parabens, and waxes are present. Who knew makeup could do all that?

Peace of mind

Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that you’re wearing makeup that has met a regulatory standard, and be confident that no harmful toxins are on your face? You may be surprised to hear that conventional makeup is not subject to any regulation or strict labelling. This means those drugstore brands can get away with virtually anything in their products and you’ll never know!

Give back to the environment

At the end of all the partying, your makeup has to go somewhere, and more than likely it’s down the drain. The now chemical-infused water in your bathroom eventually ends up right back in the environment which can lead to disaster in our water supply, kill harmful bacteria in our soil, eradicate animal life, and pose serious risk to our own health. You can help make a dent in environmental conservation by only using makeup made with organically grown plants!

Save future generations

If you’ve ever wanted to be a superhero, using organic makeup is your chance to do so. It’s been proven that certain chemicals in cosmetics cause birth defects, and have been linked to certain cancers. Pregnant women who use these products are also more likely to have children who display disruptive behaviour down the line. Make your silent contribution to helping these innocent children, by shifting to organic makeup.

Look after your overall well being

If you’ve already made the switch to organic skincare, are exercising, eating well, and overall living a healthy lifestyle; it just makes sense that your next step is to look at what makeup you’re using. As you know, what you apply to your skin gets absorbed, so why put your health at risk?

Protection from the sun

Is your ceremony or reception outdoors? Using mineral based organic makeup becomes even more important! Built into these mineral makeup products you’ll find ingredients like titanium oxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxide, which all play a part in protecting your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.