7 Factors That Changed Over The Years To Select An Entertaining Wedding Dj

  • December 7, 2017

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Are you planning a traditional wedding with a strict budget?

Yes, DJ is more important than food! Period.

Over the years, the entertainment industry has evolved from playing a side role in important events to being the life of those events. Earlier, DJ at weddings was just an older guy with a little experience with music or a distant relative, who has volunteered to help you reduce your costs, playing corny songs and requesting a chicken dance every now and then. But now, the scenario has completely changed. Entertainment is considered more important than food because people don’t mind picking up a snack on their way home, but to get bored at an event like a wedding, is simply not acceptable.

Go With The Flow

The following are some important factors that are changed over the years, which will help you a good DJ for your wedding:

●       Style

Do you want your guests to get up from their chairs and dance like crazy at your wedding or do you just want them to sit and enjoy the music? Hiring a professional wedding DJ is important, but you also need to see their style because you don’t want to waste your money on an amateur. A distant relative might cost you less, but it might provide you with a lame experience and spoil your whole event. Style shall be your first priority to understand what kind of event you want your wedding to be. Earlier, people didn’t care much about the music or the look of the DJ, they only wanted good food and a nice venue, but now things are notably changed.

●       Mixing Ability

Earlier, mixing ability was simply your DJ fading in & fading out of different songs and expecting your guests to dance on the rhythm, but now people want a much better experience. They want the DJ to change songs as per their beats i.e. match beats per minute (BPM) of two different songs and make the transition smooth and discreet. This is a talent, which only a professional is expected to possess. So choose your DJ according to his abilities and not his fees. Don’t try to bore your guests with a fade-in-fade-out DJ.

●       Equipment/ Experience

Two things that never mattered a few years ago was the equipment and the experience that the DJ has. People were fine with their uncle playing at their wedding, with his old music piece or a cost-effective DJ with a cheap DJ table. But now , it’s like two different worlds. People are more interested in the latest DJ table, full of amazing features and the experience that the DJ have. Choose a DJ by looking at his demand at night-clubs and entertainment places to know how frequently he plays and is adored by his audience. Visit those places once or twice to know what your DJ’s abilities are.

●       Planning Tips

Earlier, planning meant knowing (estimating) what was going to happen at the wedding and trying your best to make it happen. While today, people plan their weddings for months to make it look perfect. A DJ places an important role in helping you execute your wedding perfectly, by timing everything; from the first father-daughter dance to coordinating with the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Planning is important, so start planning now!

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Entertain Your Guests

When you have the choice of having a good DJ at your wedding, then don’t be careless. You just need to search a little hard to find a professional who not only fits your criteria, but also your budget.

Unless you want your guests to leave your once-in-a-lifetime event early and give them a topic to talk about, choose your DJ carefully and wisely.

Entertain your guests with amazing music and a delicious food.