6 Simple-yet-Romantic Activities to Enjoy With Your Partner

  • September 17, 2020

Keeping a relationship steady is no smooth sailing. There will always be a time when waves will coming rocking your boat. But, this turbulence is nothing when you both know how to deal with any challenges that come your way.

That’s easier said than done, but we’ve seen plenty of couples that had conquered the seas and are sailing together in life, hand in hand. And if there’s something they all had in common, it’s their adoration for the little things in life. 

Because sometimes, it’s the simple activities you do together that allows you to get to know each other more intimately.

Whether your relationship is still new or you’re spending bountiful years with the love of your life, here are six simple-yet-romantic activities guaranteed to keep the love afloat between you and your partner.

1. Cook something together

The way to each other’s heart is a good, hearty meal (or some sweet dessert), so if you’ve got free time, try to cook something together. Make a homemade version of your restaurant favorites or explore new recipes. Nothing feels better than enjoying something you made together.

It doesn’t matter if it turns out good or not. If it’s perfect, pat yourselves on the back. If it’s not, laugh about it and work more on your cooking skills together. You can always run to takeouts for rescue.

To make it a little more exciting, turn your cooking time into a mini-competition. See who can finish cooking faster, or who can recreate the meal as close to what’s on the recipe book or the internet. 

If you live far away from each other, that’s not a problem. Send your partner the recipe in advance, then cook the meal(s) together over FaceTime. 

2. Get into photography.

Document your favorite moments together! You can use these pictures if you want to create photo books. You know, like a journal? 

Grab your DSLR camera or bring out your smartphone’s built-in camera and take portraits of each other anywhere at home. You and your partner can do serious, playful, and even intimate poses (like the draw-me-like-one-of-your-French-girls type of pose). You can also take candid photos of each other, your items at home, or even your pets.

3. Court each other the traditional way.

Tired of the too-modern way of showing your love for your S.O.? Then go back in time and pick up a lesson or two on how people keep the romance alive during pre-technology times.

Write old-fashioned letters to each other, especially if you’re living a long distance apart. Sure, you can go and video call instead, but there’s always something more personal and heartwarming than expressing your love through words straight outta your heart and mind. You can also write poems for your mon amour if you’ve got flair with words!

If you’ve got the voice or a gift of music, serenade your partner with your favorite songs. Ask some of your housemates to join you on your musical courtship to make it extra fun.

4. Travel the world virtually.

Want to travel the world with your partner but find the expenses too expensive? Go on a virtual voyage together. All you need is an internet connection and a widescreen to savor the virtual tours of your favorite destinations and landmarks.

Search for virtual tours of the destinations you and your S.O. have always dreamt of visiting. Indulge in the free tour and bring out those memories you’ve had together about that particular place while you’re at it. 

Aside from being free, there are also no tourists to steal your magical experience of the place. Now’s the perfect time to savor the romantic spirit of Eiffel Tower and Paris without the crowd!

Even if you can’t enjoy your favorite travel places physically, you can still enjoy those local activities you’ve wanted to try. Check out the Airbnb Online Experiences to immerse yourself in some local activities virtually.

5. Clean your place.

Cleaning and romance may not be the ideal combination you always hear about, but it’s one of those perfect activities where you spend time together. 

Wash the dishes together after every meal. Go to your bedroom and do a Marie Kondo on your stuff. Or clean your home office to keep your work-from-home setup pristine.

It doesn’t have to take hours to clean your place – a thirty-minute cleaning schedule every day might be enough. You get to do things together and you get a cleaner, more relaxing environment!

Once you’re all good, don’t forget to reward yourselves for good work done. Play video games together. Listen to some good music or watch a concert of your favorite band on YouTube. If you’re feeling fired up, go ahead for some sexy time!

Cleaning your place might also give you two ideas for redecorating your home. Make the place to speak your story together. You can do something as simple as rearranging the furniture, hanging your framed portraits in the living room, doing DIY art decor projects, or giving the wall a fresh coat of your favorite colors.

6. Jump into a virtual couple’s therapy session.

Just because you’re going into therapy doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your relationship. Sometimes, there are uncertainties we’d like to clarify about our relationships that only an expert can answer (or help to answer).

By booking a virtual therapy session for you and your partner, you can gain more confidence to march through any situation hand-in-hand. Nothing says true love more than showing effort to strengthen your relationship and yourself as well!

Be sure to inform your partner first before confirming a session. That way, they can clear their schedule and prepare for the appointment.

And of course, among these activities, never forget to…

Take some time off for yourself.

Keeping your relationship doesn’t always mean being in each other’s arms or sights. Set a time day where you and your partner can do the things you want on your own. 
You deserve some love from yourself too. And as they always say, absence makes the heart grow fonder!