6 on-trend hairstyles for wedding guests this summer

  • August 3, 2021

Here comes the summer and the many invites to weddings, which we can now attend in all our glory. But with this joy and freedom comes a need to get that hair that has been wild for about eighteen months into some sort of shape. Even in “normal” times, when we would throw up a do in a second for an event with friends, the summer brings issues of humidity and possible showers to test even the most skilled wedding guest.

There is no need to worry. Here we offer some of the on-trend hairstyles to get you through the wedding months of summer, looking stunning, as always.

The Sleek Ponytail

Matched with stunning earrings and dramatic eye makeup, the sleek ponytail can look majestic – and better still – will last through the evening. Simply brush your hair from your face and into a high position at the crown. For those who struggle with unruly hair, to get the sleek effect might take some help from a Frizz No More product, which is a serum to offer tamed locks with a beautiful shine.

If sleek is only for your dreams, you can still pull long hair back in a ponytail but go for a high pompadour instead. Just know it works better if you start with unwashed hair.

Short Waves

If you are looking for something traditional while still offering gentle fun and a cool to your look, then some vintage-inspired waves could be just the trick. This is also a great look for those with thicker, shorter hair who want something simple that can be pulled back off the face. If your hair is a little longer, you can go for looser curls and work it for the Mermaid Waves. To avoid veering too close to shaggy chic for the wedding, try to keep it smooth. Remember to use heat protection when drying and styling this look to avoid any dry, damaged frizz.  

Reverse French Braid

If a wedding demands a hat and then no hat, then going a reverse French braid for mid-length and long hair offers you some flexibility. It also allows you to do some easy maintenance when switching from the church to the sit-down meal. To get some volume, backcomb a section of your hair at the top. If you have hair that is wild and unwilling to be tamed, you can then tuck this underneath the braid. You are going to need some strong hold spray to keep it in place, but it will stay fresh for much of the day and out of your way.

The “Non-Styled” Pixie

If you want to appear stylish while seeming not to care about style, then there is nothing better than the non-styled pixie. If you had a shorter cut that is growing out, this is also a good look for you. Take the longer pieces of your hair and straighten these with a flat iron, allowing the hair to fall naturally. When you are happy with the shape and the carefree carefulness you have given your hair, fix it in place with some strong hairspray. 

Tight Updo

Pulling your hair back sleek and holding it in a tight bun is a stylish look for any occasion. If it is a hot and humid day, this hairstyle will have the benefit of keeping your hair off your neck and avoiding the puffy ballooning from the humidity. You can add some elegance with hairpins with pearls and crystals. Then use a super hold spray to keep the hair in place.

Voluminous low pony

For those whose hair insists on curl, you can make this your asset. A sleek, simple look involves sleeking your hair back into a low ponytail, keeping the top tight and flat. Then, allow your curls to explode over your shoulders. Deceptively easy, this is one sophisticated look that makes the most of the shapes your hair likes to pull. With your hair back off your face, you can then work your magic with your eye makeup and let your best feature steal the show! Add some dangly earrings to complete the look!