3 Tips For Saving Money on Your Wedding

  • November 24, 2017

You’re finally there! You have found the one and now you are preparing to join your life to theirs in the ultimate ceremony of covenant. Each of us have our own ideas about how this day should go and about how much it should cost us.

However, if there’s one thing most couples learn in the process of planning a wedding is that your budget will be tested at every angle. Don’t give up just yet. There are several ways you can avoid entering into holy matrimony with a debt created by your wedding ceremony. Here are three suggestions that might help.

Plan The Budget and Stick to It

Budget planning is not the most romantic thing in the world by far, but it is necessary if you want to have the most important day of your life happen without costing you an arm and a leg. Make sure to sit down with whoever is going to be involved in the process and talk it out.

By the time you get done, everyone should agree on what is to be spent in each area. It may take time to get to that kind of consensus, but it will be worth it. Be willing to make some compromises along the way. No wedding is perfect.

At the same time, though, make sure that you and your planning party make realistic goals. For example, it’s possible you might find a suitable wedding dress for under $100, but not probable. Allow some room for the prices to fluctuate. You will find that you will spend more on some things you budgeted less for and less on some things you budgeted more for.  

Use What You Already Have

When considering everything that you will need to make your wedding a success, you may not need to look any further than your own home or the homes of your closest friends and family. Need a DJ? Why not use your own stereo and cds? Not only will it save you money, you’ll have control over the music list.

Do you or someone you know have a computer and a little artistic talent? Have them make the wedding invitations instead of spending hundreds on professional ones. Many memories will be made in your home together. Why not start your life together with the memory of an at home wedding? Some venues can cost thousands of dollars to rent for the all of 2 hours or less you may need them for.

Save your cash. Get married at home. There are traditions that you can augment, as well. Such as giving gifts to your bridesmaids and groomsman. Most of the time, the gifts given are not even ones that hold their interest. Instead, you could write them genuine heartfelt letters about what they have meant to you in life and how grateful that you are that the can be part of this chapter in your journey.

Shop Around

There’s not much that is more tedious than shopping for wedding necessities. There is a whole niche in the market just for selling wedding materials. Dresses, flowers, tuxedos, and decorations are just a few of the major things that dawn the wedding scene and man are they expensive! The price of the average wedding dress, alone, is $1,500.

Here’s where a little time, patience, and wise thinking can be considered an indispensable talent. Don’t wait until the last minute. Go out early. Take your time and shop around. You can find beautiful gowns for much cheaper prices just by checking out the on sale racks or checking out a thrift store.

There are several people who sale their used wedding dresses and decorations on buy, sale, and trade sites. What you can’t find at home or have donated by family and friends can almost always be found at a lower than market value.  

Whether you are rich or on the poorer side of town, saving money is always a plus in life. Use these tips to start doing it from the beginning of your life together.